Nâtah Big Band brings together 17 musicians from the moving Breton scene ; the members have known each other for several years and played together in many trad jams and jazz-funk sessions in Rennes, the cultural capital of Brittany.

Ruled by the crazy energy of their youth, and without any hierarchy, the band composes a music with traditional articulations and infectious grooves, strong and colourful horn arrangements, and sounding so much of its time.

Their jubilant music, with a lot of modern jazz influences, is and will ever be a big longing for dance and communicative delight. 

After the release of theiur album “Caméléon” in 2018, the group played a serues of key dates including prestigious festivals such as Les Transmusicales, Yaouank, Tombées de la Nuit in Rennes, Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix and Festival Interceltique in Lorient.

The groupe continued its momentum and released their second album “Drioma” in June 2020.

“Drioma’ features numerous guests :  Hamon Martin quintet, singers Elouan Le Sauze and Youen Lange, flutists Jean Mathias Petri and Lucie Montbessoux, rapper Mathieu Alachimi, this new record prolonges the exploration of an invigorating musical weave.


With big excitement, the Nâtah Big Band takes up the challenge of an augmented  and sparkling tradition, incessantly renewed.

The band is a member of the Grands Formats Federation since 2020

Line up :

Clément Dallot ( accordéon et compositions ) / Gabin Dallot ( bombarde) / Rémi Bouguennec ( flûte) / Kévin Le Pennec (guitare) / Basile Gueguen ( batterie) / Daravan Souvanna ( basse ) / Romain Salmon ( guitare) / Théo Morin ( percussions ) / Edouard Ravelomantsoa ( claviers) / Maxence Ravelomantsoa ( sax ténor ) Benoit Carnet ( sax ténor, flûte) / Maël Morel ( sax baryton) / Simon Latouche ( trombone, arrangements ) / Romain Cadiou ( trompette) / Simon Pelé ( trompette) / Pierre Droual ( violon) / Arnaud Lécrivain ( trompette ) / Ronan Le Corre ( ingénieur son )

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